Saturday, May 18, 2013

I dreamt too big

You're one of those people who have never been afraid to dream, to visualize success and see it played out perfectly in your mind. But the faith and motivation it takes to fuel that dream always seems so small. So you write it down and pack it away in your files along with the others you failed to realize before it. 

This is a pattern that some of us repeat too many times and for far too many years in our lives. Some people almost feel guilty for dreaming so big because they feel the weight of their incapability takes precedence. There are people in this world who dream big and are fortunate enough to have the circumstances around them that make it much easier for them to carry them out. That's not the case for the majority. Some of us have to work harder, believe bigger, and stay up longer to get things done. But that's OK, because these are the stories that resonate with people. These are the trials that we come to appreciate when we finally reach our goals. Be proud of them.

I work with a lot of business people and those who want to become business owners. And I find that some of what I do is to keep them motivated. When I'm developing their business plans, I am holding something so very precious in my hands. I have to take into account the many years it took for them to conjure up the nerve to say "I'm finally going to do this." I also have to realize that every time I speak with them I must keep them encouraged and motivated about the goal they've set their heart on and take it on as if it's my own.

But it's a two-edged sword. On the flip side, it tears me up inside that I have been helping others put their goals into fruition and have slacked on my own. I can champion someone else's dream, but not my own. I can make others' dreams go from impossible to this is actually happening, while my faith fuel runs on empty in my dream car. That makes me a hypocrite. :(

Well, I know I'm not alone in feeling this way, which is why I'm sharing this. Let's be the champion of our own dreams for a change and put some faith fuel behind them and get moving. Years have gone by, people have come and go, and yet that dream lingers over your head. Embrace it. Give it a fighting good chance to finally develop and change your life. You can do this!


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